Hearing Aid Compatibility

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has implemented rules and a rating system for Hearing aid-compatible (HAC) devices designed to enable people who wear hearing aids to use these wireless telecommunications devices more effectively. The American National Standard Institute (ANSI) sets the standards for compatibility of digital wireless phones with hearing aids – ANSI standard C63.19.

Previously, two sets of ANSI standards, an “M” rating for reducing interference making it easier to use the hearing aid microphone, and a “T” rating for reducing unwanted background noise. As both hearing aid and device technology has improved, to be considered “good” or “excellent,” wireless devices are expected to have a T3, T4 or M3, M4 rating.

Information about Hearing Aid Compatibility rules, can be found on the FCC’s website at

Devices Currently Offered

Brand Model Rating FCC ID
AT&T Radiant Max M4, T4 XD6U705AA
AT&T Motivate 2 M4, T3 RYQEA211002
AT&T Motivate 3 M4, T3 RYQEABF22206A
AT&T Maestro 3 M4, T4 XD6U626AA
MaxWest 55e
MaxWest 55a
Blu C6L M3, T4 M3, T4

Devices No Longer Offered