About True Wireless


Most companies use this space to state things, true or not, about their corporate philosophy using phrases like “founded on”, “committed to” or “our mission”; We prefer the simple, real, and direct TRUTH:

THE TRUTH is we were founded in 2008. We primarily provide Lifeline assisted wireless services to eligible Americans in 5 states.

THE TRUTH is that we are an Oklahoma based company made up of people from all walks of life, all colors, all creeds….. and we all have different stories. The thing that holds our team together is the belief that we are the best at what we do and we do actually care about the service we provide to our customers.

THE TRUTH is we are proud of the measures we’ve put into place to prevent waste, fraud and abuse of the lifeline program. We believe that in order to provide a better product to you, the consumer, we must protect the integrity of the program intended to help those in need. We are proud of the packages we put together and the phones we distribute. We are proud at the years of training that result in the service level our specialists deliver. We are proud we have survived the storms, both direct and indirect, that have come our way. We are proud to accept the great responsibility of being our customers lifeline to family and security just as Congress envisioned in 1985.

THE TRUTH is all Lifeline companies are not the same. We walk the same streets our customers do while engaging and employing the community we serve. We will continue to look for ways to deliver value driven packages to those Americans eligible for government assisted wireless services and positively impact as many people as we can.

THE TRUTH is we make a difference.